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Flora Print Stainless Steel Tumbler 350ml

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An elegant tumbler featuring flower print design. The tumbler has a two-layer structure consisting of an outer tumbler made of stainless steel and an inner cup made of polypropylene. It has a heat and cold insulation effect and can be used all year round regardless of the season.
The tumbler can be used in a microwave oven to reheat the drink that has cooled down. With a tea strainer, you can enjoy various drinks such as black tea, Japanese tea, and coffee.
The capacity is 350mL, which is just the right size for carrying around. 

Size: Height 17cm/Width 7.5cm/Depth 8.2cm/Capacity 350mL
Material Outer tumbler: (inner bottle) stainless steel, (body) stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Lid: polypropylene, silicone rubber
Filter: polypropylene, nylon (mesh)
Inner cup: Polypropylene
Made in China
Handling indication Dishwasher 〇 (outer tumbler x), microwave oven 〇 (outer tumbler x)
Product notes Thermal insulation effect / 70 ° C or more (1 hour)
Cold insulation effect/6.9℃ or less (1 hour)
Heat-resistant temperature / (lid, filter, inner cup) 100℃
Cold resistant temperature / (lid, filter, inner cup) -20℃
The outer tumbler cannot be used in a dishwasher or microwave oven.
This product is not completely sealed. Do not place the main unit horizontally or upside down.
Do not fill with perishable items such as carbonated drinks or milk, salty items such as soup, alcohol, or fruit pulp.