ICE RING [Size S - Kids]

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Color: Sax Blue

High-performance neck cooler "ICE RING®"

Summer will change with this one! New common sense of heat stroke measures☆
The new 2023 series of the blockbuster cooling item “ICE RING®” is now on sale!

"Ice Ring", a heat stroke prevention item that freezes at 28 degrees Celsius, which is lower than the average human body temperature, and can be reused without charging.
Last year, it became a hot topic mainly on SNS, and the total number of sales was over 700,000.

PCM Cooling Neck Ring was ranked 3rd in Nikkei Trendy's "2022 Best 30 Hit Products" as a "new summer essential".

The features of "ICE RING®" are...
・Because it naturally freezes below 28℃, it can be cooled without using electric power such as charging.
・Since it is hard to condense, there is no need to worry about getting your neck or important clothes wet.
・Keeps cool without being too cold
・Semi-permanently reusable
・Because it has a lower specific gravity than water and is lightweight, there is less burden on the neck.
・Cooling effect lasts for more than 60 minutes
・Obtained Cosmos certification for natural ingredients
・All products are inspected in Japan for peace of mind

Popular patterns for kids and new patterns, and colors that are easy to blend in with everyday scenes for adults!
"ICE RING®" is printed using a special method, and one of the points that you can use it for a long time is that the pattern and color will not peel off.

〈Recommended usage scene in early spring〉
・When commuting to work or school by train
・In an office where temperature control is difficult
・Sudden hot flashes or fever
*When used by a child, keep it within reach of a parent or guardian.
・Training and running at the gym
・Cool down after taking a bath or sauna
-Household chores such as cooking and cleaning
・In the time to get ready in the sauna

This year, due to hot customer requests, LL size for adults, which can be used by those who are worried about the size of the neck, has joined the online store.
It can be used by the whole family, and the lineup assumes further usage scenes such as outdoor activities, sports, commuting to work or school, and housework!
Check out other sizes too!

Neck circumference (cm): 25cm
Weight (g): about 60g

・ Target age: 3 years old ~
・Please refrain from using it for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Do not stab or damage the main unit with a sharp object.
・Do not place near high temperature or fire.
・Since it repeatedly freezes and melts (solid ↔ liquid), the shape may change slightly, but there is no problem in using it.
・Do not cut off the tag on the top of the product.
・Be careful not to cool the body too much. Do not hit the same place for a long time.
・In rare cases, small substances may be mixed in the contents due to the production process, but there is no problem in use.
・If the contents leak due to damage, please stop using it immediately.
・If the contents get on your hands or get in your eyes, rinse with water. (If any abnormalities appear, please consult a specialist.)
・Keep out of reach of children and infants.
・Please use under the guardian's supervision.
・When using for pets, please use it in a place where the owner can see it.

If the surface becomes dirty, wash it with water. When storing, please keep it flat as much as possible to prevent the contents from shifting.
・Do not put it in your mouth.

*We cannot accept returns after opening the package.
*Please choose the size that fits your neck size. If the size is too large, it may be difficult to feel the cooling effect or it may come off easily.

"ICE RING®" is a registered trademark of F.O. Holdings.

Color: Sax Blue