Penco Black 13 Inch 14 Inch Tablet / Laptop Case

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PC case with cushion fabric inside

Storage case that can be folded according to the contents, penco carry tight L size.

■ Applications
・PC case for telework, remote work, etc.
・iPad, tablet case (also for children's PC tablet case)
*By adjusting the folding width of the lid, the tablet fits neatly.
・Carrying case for carrying documents and work tools

■ Material
Durable tarpaulin fabric. It is a material used for tents, etc., and is resistant to dirt and water, so it can be used tough regardless of the scene.

■ size
Body: Width 27.0 x Height 33.0 x Depth 1.0 (cm)
Documents: Up to A4 size (B5 size is also acceptable)
PC: 13 inch, 13.3 inch, 14 inch compatible
*In the case of 14 inches, it will protrude a little from the pocket, but it will fit neatly if the flap is folded.

・Due to the manufacturing process, there may be slight differences in size depending on the product. Thank you for your understanding.
・Because of the product specifications, there will always be bending and misalignment of the PVC sheet.
・There are some rough parts such as frayed stitches and misalignment of Velcro.
・Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, the folded part may become discolored if left folded for a long time.
・If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth soaked in a neutral detergent. Do not use alcohol or acid cleaners.
・There is a risk of discoloration or fading if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
・Due to the characteristics of the material, thin fibers may protrude from the edge of the fabric, but there is no problem if you cut it with scissors.