Penco Storage Caddy Stacking Storage Case [Navy]

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Storage goods that you can “organize” and “carry” frequently used items

Penco's "Storage Caddy" is a caddy box for carrying tools, etc., arranged in a size suitable for desktop storage.

■ Features
・Lidless storage perfect for organizing small items around you, so you can quickly take out what you want to use.
- Compact when not in use by stacking
-Easy to carry with a handle

■ Application example
・Desk stationery case
・Seasoning and cutlery storage for camping and outdoors
・ Bottles, brushes, make-up, and cosmetic containers in the washroom
・A container for baby items such as nail clippers, thermometers, creams, etc.

Remarks: Stackable
Size 25x17.5x12cm