Pingu Lunch Box 500ml

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Small round simple 2-tier lunch box.

Both the upper and lower tiers are treated with a "non-stick processing" that prevents rice from sticking.
Comes with an small fork (made of plastic).
When you're done eating, you can store it compactly in one tier!

* Although it is a locking type, it does not come with a packing, so please avoid using liquid ingredients.

Remove the lid, seal lid, and fork and microwave OK!
Dishwasher OK except for the seal lid!

[Product size (about)]
Size: Depth 106 x Width 117 x Height 90mm
Capacity: Upper 230ml/Lower 270ml
Weight: 130g

[Quality indication (heat resistant temperature)]
Lid/Body/Fork: Polypropylene (140 degrees)
Seal lid: EVA resin (60 degrees)

The SIAA mark is displayed on products that have undergone quality control and information disclosure based on the guidelines of the Antimicrobial Product Technology Council, based on the results of evaluation according to the ISO22196 method.

*It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.
* Do not use the dishwasher for the seal lid.

●Made in Japan