Sanrio Lunch Box 360ml

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Style: Hello Kitty

A tight lunch box with a dome-shaped lid that allows you to serve softly. It comes with a high partition that prevents the side dishes from being unevenly distributed and a core that is convenient for sorting, so you can use it according to your purpose. The crimbell finish makes it easy to remove oil stains, so cleaning up afterward is not a hassle.

Product Details
Approximately 14.8 x 12.3 x 5.6 cm, capacity: 360 ml
AS resin, PP

●Microwave oven (remove the lid), dishwasher, tableware dryer compatible
●As a guideline, about 1 bowl of rice for children will fit in the partition container
1 partition, 1 core, name sticker
Made in Japan

Style: Hello Kitty