The North Face

The North Face Shopper Bag L

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Eco bags arrived from Korea limited label THE NORTH FACE WHITE LABEL (The North Face White Label)!

・A simple eco tote bag with a half-dome logo on the front!
・There are two types of handles with different lengths, and the short handle has a button.
・There are plenty of gussets, and the large capacity makes it perfect for storing luggage.
・It can be used not only for eco bags, but also for everyday use such as commuting to work or school, outdoor activities such as the beach, pool, camping and outdoor festivals, and leisure scenes.
・When not in use, it can be folded into a small size, so it is not bulky!
- Can be used by both men and women as unisex.

・Uses polypropylene material that is lightweight, water resistant, and easy to clean even if it gets dirty.
・It is an item playing an active part in the coming season including the sea and the pool!


Size 54.7x38.5x18.3cm 
Short handle
Shoulder strape 66.5cm