Penco Brown Paper Bag Ceramic Stand

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Brown Bag Stand | Craft bag style vase

Penco's signature ceramic flower vase is inspired by the brown bags you get at American liquor stores. This item is packed with attention to detail, including its paper bag-like texture and wrinkled finish. The compact size makes it easy to use as a pen holder on your desk. This item also makes a great casual gift for friends and family.

It feels like this size when you hold it in your hand. The vase is small and easy to move.

There is also a clever design on the bottom. You can feel the playfulness typical of Penko.

Because each piece is fired in a kiln, there are individual differences in the color, density, position, and fading of the logo. Please enjoy each one as its own individuality.

We also recommend using it as a pen stand or as a gift set with Penco stationery.

Product Details

Size Package / Width 8.5 x Height 12.5 x Depth 6.5 (cm)
Main body / width 7.0 x height 11.0 x depth 5.0 (cm)
Material porcelain
production china
package paper box