Anpanman Lunch Box 280ml

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Color: Yellow

A convenient lock-type bento box with silicon packing to prevent leaks!

Comes with partition

●Air valve function keeps the lid from getting too tight!

If you close the lid while the bento is still hot, the air may contract when it cools down and the lid may not open. This air valve function adjusts the amount of air according to the expansion and contraction of the air, so children can open the lid smoothly.

●A round and large buckle that is easy for children to open♪

The large rounded buckle is designed so that the lid can be opened easily be children.

●Rounded square shape that makes it easy to put bite-sized side dishes

It is a rounded square-shaped container that can neatly store bite-sized side dishes. Even though it's compact, you can still serve a lot of food.

Size: width 135 x depth 110 x height 45 mm
Capacity: 280ml
Material: Body/Partition/Polypropylene, Lid/AS resin, Buckle/Buckle fastening/ABS resin, Packing/Air valve/Silicone resin
Country of Origin: Japan

Color: Yellow