Attache Marbled Fountain Pen

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Color: Black

A fountain pen with a simple design and a beautiful marble pattern. Each acrylic shafts has an unique shade and pattern, giving it an attractive and tasteful appearance. The nib has a fine 24k gold plated finish for a smooth writing experience. Although the size of the pen is compact, it is long enough to be easily gripped by attaching the cap when writing. The clever box packaging makes it perfect as a gift. The pen is compatible with the common European standard short ink.

How to install ink cartridges
With the pen tip facing upwards, insert the thin part of the cartridge straight into the pen as far as it will go. After a while, you will be able to write naturally.

Product Details
Size [fountain pen]
Package / Width 12.5 x Height 2.2 x Depth 3.3 (cm)
Main body / diameter 1.3 x height 10.3 (cm)
[ink cartridge]
Package / width 6.0 x height 6.5 x depth 0.8 (cm)
Body / diameter 0.7 x height 3.8 (cm)
Material: Acrylic, water-based dye ink
Made in Taiwan
Package in paper box
Notes Pen nib F (fine), 24K gold plated stainless steel, cartridge type (common European standard short compatible), one blue ink cartridge included

・Be sure to securely attach the cap after use.
Periodically run water through the fountain pen neck to clean it.
・If you will not be using it for a long time, please clean the neck shaft before storing it.
・Please be careful not to drop or shake violently as this may cause malfunction.
・Please keep out of reach of children.
Each marble pattern has a different expression, and there are individual differences.
・Please do not use it for anything other than writing.
Color: Black