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Miffy Neck Cooler [White]

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◇ Features
・Uses German-made PCM material that freezes at 28°.
・Reproduce heat absorption and heat generation according to the temperature environment, and keep a comfortable temperature even in the hot and humid summer.
・PCM surface freezes faster than water and other liquids, and the freezing time is longer.
・Materials that are harmless to the human body and have excellent antibacterial properties on the outside of the main body
(T.P. *smartphone case, surface material for outsole of sports shoes) is used.
・It has excellent airtightness and durability, and can be used for a long time without remaining or wave damage.
・As there is no dew condensation, the point that is glad that skin and clothes do not get wet.
・Useful in various places such as outdoors, festivals, studying and working!  
◇ Cooling maintenance time and solidification time
Coagulation time: refrigerated environment 18°C = 80 to 90 minutes 28°C = 40 to 45 minutes
     Frozen environment 18°C = 25 to 30 minutes 28°C = 15 to 20 minutes
Cooling maintenance time: Room temperature, about 30 degrees environment 18 degrees Celsius = about 1 hour 28 degrees Celsius = about 1 hour 30 minutes
*Times are approximate.

Size Small 13.8x12.8cm