Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe La Papeterie Clear Pencil Case

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Color: Ivory

The clear pencil case of "Paul & Joe" features a chic atmosphere and a nostalgic design. The transparent material allows you to see the contents at a glance, and you can store your favorite pens and stationery while showing them.

● Ivory <Nunette Heart>
A cute all-over pattern design with a heart pattern and a cute cat "Nunette" with an innocent expression.
● Pink <Chrysantheme Pale Pink>
Pale tone and sweet pink design with the brand's popular icon "Chrysantheme"
● White <Summer Gypsy>
A stylish and cool design with a graffiti touch logo and brand icon cat gypsy
● Yellow <Sakura>
"Sakura" pattern with flowers reminiscent of spring in Paris in gentle sunlight and popular cats "Nunette & Gypsy" peeking

◎ Weight / about 45g
◎Specifications/with metal charm

*The back side has the "PAUL & JOE par MARK'S Inc" logo.
Color: Ivory