Doraemon Insect Repellent Stickers 72 pieces

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A cute insect repellent sticker that sticks on!
Insects are less likely to come near just by sticking a sticker.

Recommended for clothing such as shirts and hats and strollers when outdoors or going out!

Contains eucalyptus oil
The insect repellent seal is made to evaporate the insect repellent (eucalyptus oil) over a long period of time.
A refreshing herb scent spreads, making it difficult for insects to approach.

Effective time about 6 hours
* Effective time varies depending on conditions such as wind strength and wind direction.

Convenient storage in a zippered bag!
When storing, close the chuck and use within one month.

Recommended for outdoor activities, camping, gardening, etc.

Eucalyptus essential oil (plant extract)
eucalyptus flavoring
Propylene glycol
methyl paraben

【input number】
72 pieces

*Do not apply directly to the skin.
*Do not leave it on for more than 24 hours or wash it with it on. (Adhesive tape may stick to clothes.)
*Depending on the material, it may leave glue residue or damage the fabric.

●Made in Japan