Kinto Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler Water Bottle 500ml

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Color: Black

Easy care! Perfect tumbler for everyday use

KINTO's TRAVEL TUMBLER is the ultimate bottle in terms of functionality and simplicity. It is easy to use not only indoors at work or school, but also outdoors. 

■ Features
・Excellent heat and cold insulation effect due to vacuum double structure
・The spout allows you to drink from any direction, and is designed to prevent ice and hot drinks from squirting out.
・Designed to prevent dust from entering even with the lid open
・Natural drinking comfort like a mug or glass
・Wide caliber, easy to wash and easy to clean
・Tough material with excellent durability
・The surface of the color type is powder-coated to prevent scratches and stains.

Thermal insulation effect: 69°C or more (6 hours)
Cold insulation effect: 7℃ or less (6 hours)
Capacity: 500ml

・Be sure to check the attached specifications and instruction manual before use.
・This product is a drink bottle.
・Do not use in a microwave oven, oven, dishwasher or dryer.
・Do not place near fire.
・Do not wash with boiling water.
・Keep out of reach of infants.
・Do not drop or give a strong impact as it may cause damage or water leakage.
・If the lid and mouth parts are not closed properly, the liquid inside may leak, so please make sure they are closed properly.
size: height x diameter 19.5 x 7cm
Color: Black