Lisa Larson Food Container & Hand Towel Set

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For small souvenirs and presents♪
A small gift set that includes a convenient food container and wet towel for storing food.

★The food container can be heated in the microwave,
You can use it as a storage container or lunch box.
(There is no sealing function, so please do not put soup in it.)

【set content】

・ Microwave container (large) ... 2 pieces
Size: about width 180 x length 120 x height 55mm
  Capacity: 500ml
・ Microwave container (medium) ... 1 piece
Size: about width 155 x length 100 x height 55mm
  Capacity: 300ml
・Oshibori towel・・・1 piece
  Size: about width 280 x length 300 mm

・Microwave container (large/medium)]
  Lid, body/polypropylene
  Valve/silicon resin

・Oshibori towel
  100% cotton

* The posted image is an image only. Colors and patterns may differ from the actual product. Thank you for your understanding.