Padded Envelope Case for 13 Inch Tablet / Laptop

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durable laptop case

A tablet/laptop bag that retains the atmosphere of a cushioned envelope that is often seen in overseas mail. Because it uses a material called HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is also used for building materials and space suits, it has excellent lightness, strength, and water resistance. The slim size that does not add bulk in the bag is also a nice point. It protects important items such as tablets, computers, CDs, and documents. Available in 3 sizes: tablet, 13-inch laptop, and 15-inch laptop.

H.330mm W.260mm
Inside dimensions) H.325mm W.242mm

<Reference size that can be stored>
[TABLET] type
iPad mini (depth 203.2mm, width 134.8mm, thickness 6.1mm)
[13 inch LAPTOP] type
MacBook Pro 13 (Depth 212.4mm, Width 304.1mm, Thickness 14.9mm)
[15 inch LAPTOP] type
MacBook Pro 15 (Depth 240.7mm, Width 349.3mm, Thickness 15.5mm)

[Notes on products]
■This product is not completely waterproof. ■This product is a storage item for laptop computers. ■ Do not put angular or sharp objects in this product. ■Do not leave this product near fire. ■Storing in direct sunlight for a long time may cause deterioration of the product. ■ Rubbing this product with a wet cloth may cause discoloration. ■Printing on the surface of the main unit may come off if scratched with a sharp object. Also, please note that creases will remain if left folded for a long period of time. ■When storing, do not put excessive weight on the hook-and-loop fastener or brushed parts. The hook-and-loop fastener may not stick well. ■Since this product is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in size and stitching. In addition, the thread may become frayed after repeated use. ■Do not put food inside this product. Doing so may cause contamination.
[About care]
■If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth soaked in diluted neutral detergent. ■Do not use a washing machine. ■ Do not use chlorine bleach, dryers, irons, or hair dryers.