Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Accessoires Cat Phone Folding Umbrella

¥8,800 JPY
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Color: Pink
Size/total length (including handle): 260mm rib length 550mm diameter 970mm
Overall length (when stored): 260 mm Case: 24 x 80 mm
◎ Opening and closing: Manual
◎ With UV cut function

"PAUL & JOE" has released a cute folding umbrella that will make going out on rainy days even more fun!

An eye-catching design featuring telephone cords and adorable kitten prints. It can also be used as a parasol since it comes with UV cut function.  Uses a safe potter's wheel that is easy to open and close. The slim form makes it easy to carry in your bag.  Comes with an initial plate charm and a cover with the same print pattern.
Color: Pink