Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Accessoires Light-shielding Folding Umbrella with UV Cut Function for Rain or Shine Nounette

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Color: Beige
A folding umbrella parasol for both rain and shine, featuring the cat Nounette, the popular brand icon of Paul & Joe.

A wonderful umbrella that easily match everyday clothes. The first-class light-shielding fabric with a light-shielding rate of 99.99% or more has a heat-shielding function, so it can be used even on sunny days with strong sunlight. It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for everyday use.

◎Size/total length (including handle) 500mm, rib length 500mm, diameter: about 820mm
Folded Diameter: 60mm Length: 240mm
◎Material/body part: 100% polyester, tape part: 100% polyester
◎ Weight / about 150g
◎ Opening and closing: Manual
◎ Storage bag with snap button included
◎ Rain or shine
◎Light shielding rate of 99.99% or more (first-class light shielding), UV cut of 99% or more, heat shielding effect
Color: Beige