Penco Carry-Tite Case M (With D-Ring)

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Color: Black
■ Features
・The size can be changed according to the purpose by folding the case in half or folding in 1/3 size.
・Can be customized with a key ring.

■ Application examples
・Pen case, pencil case
・Coin purse, coin case
・Card case
・Makeup, cosmetic pouch
・Storage of outdoor and camping goods
・With a neck strap through the D-ring, it can be worn around the neck.
・ Attach a key to the D-ring and use it as a key ring

■ Material
Durable tarpaulin fabric. It is a material used for tents, etc., and is resistant to dirt and water, so it can be used tough regardless of the scene.

■ size
Body: Width 20.0 x Height 8.0 x Depth 1.5 (cm)
Inside dimensions when folded: Width 19.0 x Height 15.2 x Depth 0.6 (cm)
Inside dimensions when folded in three: Width 19.0 x Height 7.5 x Depth 0.6 (cm)
Color: Black