Penco Label Maker [White]

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This is a PENCO tape writer. This is a PENCO label maker that allows you to create your own original label by turning it. It's an excellent product that allows you to easily and enjoyably work on things such as indexing files, putting names on belongings, and pasting them with dates. A dedicated refill (part number: dp115) is also sold separately.

Remarks: Label tape (black) x 1, dial x 2 (upper/lower case) included

● How to set the tape
Attach the tip of the tape to the right edge of the white claw and press the handle 2-3 times. When the handle is pushed, the black screw rotates to the left, and the tape passes under the white claw and between the black screw and the tape is sent out to the left.

● How to use a tape writer
Insert the tape into the slot and gently press the handle until the tape is visible through the slot on the other side. The point is to lightly grip the tape and feed it to the position you want to print.
Decide the character you want to type while rotating the dial and align it with the vertical line in the center. Pressing the handle hard will push the selected letter into the tape, and pressing it lightly will create a space. When cutting the tape, align the scissors mark on the dial, hold the handle firmly, and pull the tape strongly to the left.

●How to replace the dial
(1) Press the black button on the back.
(2) Pull out the plate with the PENCO logo protruding from the center of the dial on the front side.
(3) Pull out the dial in use horizontally and replace it with another dial. With the logo facing the same way as when the plate was removed, insert it until it clicks to fix the dial.

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