Penco Pile Up Caddy Stacking Storage Case [Green]

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Storage goods that can be stacked and transported

A stackable storage box with an opening. It can also be used as a portable caddy by raising the handle. Please use it for various purposes such as interior decoration of the room, DIY and outdoor cutlery storage. It is also recommended to store it in a dead space with no width or height by making use of the outlet. Place it on the shelf under the cash register at the store to organize receipts and other items, and it is convenient for organizing the shelves. It can be used effectively even in a little gap between the PC side of the desk and the shelf.

Penco's storage series is available in the same materials and colors, so it is easy to incorporate them together.

Remarks: Stackable (recommended 3 pieces)

・When stacking this product, be sure to check that there is no rattling and place it on a level surface. Also, please refrain from stacking more than the recommended number as there is a risk of falling over.
・The label sticker on this product may be slightly misaligned. Please be aware that this is not a defective product, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
Size 13x17x9.5cm