Penco Tape Dispenser

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Color: Red
Size: S

USA-like retro feeling, tape stand perfect for business use

A simple, rugged steel tape dispenser (tape cutter). The hammertone finish is resistant to rust and scratches, and the industrial coloring is attractive. Available in 2 sizes, S/L, the L size has been renewed to make it easier to use on the table, with the weight of the main unit increased. It is a tape stand that is perfect for commercial use with a screw hole on the bottom for fixing to a wall or desk.

Remarks: Compatible with tape up to 2.5 cm wide and 9.6 cm outer diameter, anti-slip sheet included

・The attached simple protective sheet (non-slip) that prevents the bottom from rubbing is very simple. Degradation and peeling progresses early depending on the usage environment and frequency. Please note.
・Tape is not included.
・When using on a desk, attach the included non-slip sheet to the bottom.
・When using, remove the blue protective film on the plate of the blade.

L Size 15.5x3.5x7.3cm

S Size 9.5x3x4cm

Color: Red
Size: S