Penco To-go Sack

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Color: Black

To-Go Sack | Roll-top pouch that can be easily carried like a paper bag

The To-go Sack's top could be rolled up and sealed like a paper bag. The Velcro pouch makes it easy to take out the contents and can be used as a pouch for outdoor activities, sports, etc. Another great feature is that it can be folded compactly when not in use. Although it does not have a cooling effect, it has a removable insole on the inner bottom, so it could be used as a lunch bag for storing lunch boxes or bread. Since it is made of lightweight nylon material, it does not add bulk to your luggage, so you can easily carry it around.

Product Details
Size: Width 20.0 x Height 19.0 x Depth 10.5 (cm)
Material: nylon
production: china

Color: Black