Pingu Water Bottle 350ml

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A super lightweight and compact mug bottle that is easy to carry.

Stainless steel vacuum double structure that can keep drink cold and warm.
A wide-mouthed type that makes it easy to put ice in.

The weight makes it easy to carry around, so it's perfect for going out for a short trip or keeping it next to your bed.

[Product size (about)]
Size: Diameter 58 x Height 182mm
Capacity: 350ml
Weight: 135g

[Quality display]
Inner bottle/mouth: stainless steel
Body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Lid: Polypropylene
Packing: Silicone rubber

Thermal insulation effect: 72 degrees or more (6 hours)
Cold insulation effect: 8 degrees or less (6 hours)

*Never use an automatic dishwasher or dish dryer.
* If you put hot drinks in, there is a risk of burns, so please drink after cooling to the extent that you can drink.

●Made in China