Shimajiro Insect Repellent Stickers 32 pieces

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Simply sticking this sticker on your clothes will prevent insects from getting close.

Contains natural ingredients (eucalyptus oil) and is safe for babies.

[Brief memo] (^.^)b
・Eucalyptus leaves that koalas like are a kind of herb.
"Contains a lot of oil."
・"Eucalyptus oil" is made by distilling the eucalyptus leaves.
"It is a natural oil that is produced."
・Use insect repellent (eucalyptus oil) for a long time.
"It began to transpire."
・The scent of refreshing herbs spreads and attracts insects
"It's harder."

◎ Ingredients
・Eucalyptus essential oil (plant extract)
・Eucalyptus fragrance, ・Propylene glycol
・Methyl paraben, ・pigment

◎ Quantity: 32 pieces

◆Do not apply directly to your skin.

[Made in Japan]