Super Mario 2-way Stainless Steel Water Bottle 470ml

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Depending on the school, there are cases where the type of water bottle is specified.
In such a case, we recommend this one that can be used in two ways★

Replace the two types of drinking spouts,
A direct drink type that you can drink directly with your mouth,
You can also use it properly with a cup type that is OK for hot drinks!

The direct cap unit that can be drunk as it is
With lock function to prevent opening and closing due to malfunction.
Wide caliber for easy ice filling.
Shoulder belt with nameplate & name sticker.

Because it is a vacuum two-layer structure, the cold and heat retention effect lasts a long time ♪

Cold insulation effect: 8 degrees or less (6 hours)
Thermal insulation effect: 45 degrees or more (24 hours) *Only when drinking from a cup

【please note】
When using the direct type,
Do not put hot drinks in it.
(There is a risk of burns.)

◆ [Cannot be used] in microwave ovens, dishwashers, and dryers

○ Capacity: Direct type: 470ml
    :Cup drinking type: 430ml

○ Product size: about 68mm in diameter x 230mm in height
○ Weight: Direct type: 295g
    :Cup drinking type: 290g

≪Quality display≫
Inner bottle, mouthpiece: stainless steel
Body: Stainless steel (acrylic paint)
Cap: saturated polyester (PET resin)
Lid: Polypropylene
Packing: Silicone
Bottom plate: Elastomer resin

●Made in China