Tom & Jerry Plastic Water Bottle 480ml

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A plastic direct-drinking water bottle that can be washed and dried in the dishwasher.

Push-style open, easy to open!
A wide-mouthed type that makes it easy to insert ice into the main body.

Comes with a shoulder belt that can be carried around.
Light and easy to hold shape.

Includes name seal.

*There is no cooling effect.
*Please put hot items in.

[product description]
Size: About 95mm wide x 79mm deep x 210mm high
Capacity: 480ml

[Production quality expression (heat resistance)]
Kiup: Saturated polyester bark (100 degrees heat resistant)
Main body, lid, beruto: Polypropylene (Heat resistant temperature 120 degrees)
Packing: Silicone gum (heat resistant temperature 140 degrees)
Spring pin: stainless steel

Type of antibacterial agent used: Inorganic antibacterial agent
Processing method: Kneading
Processing department position: whole body (excluding Berte and metal department positions)

Based on the results evaluated by the SIAA mark and ISO22196 method, the Antibacterial Product Technology Council guidelines, quality control management, and information disclosed products are displayed.

*It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.

●Made in Japan