Winnie the Pooh Water Bottle

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Light and cute character straw bottle.

Easy to drink and soft silicone straw!
If you lift the head part of the water bottle,
A straw comes out from the bottom♪

Comes with a strap for easy carrying.
Comes with one replacement spout.

*There is a danger of burns, do not pour drink in the bottle over 25 degree Celsius. 

[Product size]
About width 70 x height 180 mm
Capacity: 350ml

[Quality display/Heat resistant temperature]
Lid/Body: Polypropylene/120 degrees
Lid cover: ABS resin/80 degrees
Straw: polyethylene/70 degrees
Packing, spout, tube: silicone rubber/140 degrees

*Do not use in dishwashers, dryers, or microwave ovens.

●Made in China