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[XLARGE×have a good time]
Up-and-coming street label "have a good time" is gaining support not only from Japan but also from street heads around the world.
The shop in Nakameguro has original brands and a unique selection of books, music, art, toys, clothes, etc. carefully selected by the owner, and is packed with tangible information that can only be touched here. .

This season, XLARGE teamed up with have a good time for the first time to present a capsule collection.
This time, the collection with the red and green have a good time frame logo drawn for the collaboration with XLARGE includes T-shirts and shorts, backpacks, hats, AirPods cases, wallets, pouches, and more. In addition, a boxed stationery set is available.

[have a good time]
A street label with a background of various subcultures including skate culture founded by a crew in Tokyo.
We are developing original brands at a select shop that quickly introduces interesting and cool things, clothing, books, toys, accessories, etc. from all over the world.

[Contents of stationery set]
・Pen x 3
・ Masking tape x 2
・ Notebook x 2
・Sticker x 2
・ Correction tape x 2