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Yamanaka Lacquer Fleur Lyon Enamel-Style 2-Tier Lunch Box 550ml

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A clean Yamanaka lacquer lunch box inspired by an enamel container. The design that combines dot and flower pattern is elegant and cute. It adopted a rounded rectangular shape, which makes it easy to fill with side dishes and rice. There are two levels, so you can separate different ingredients such as main meals and desserts. If you remove the lid, it is compatible with microwave ovens and dishwashers. Suitable for everyday use because it has been treated with an antibacterial treatment that suppresses the growth of bacteria. 

[Yamanaka Lacquer]
Lacquerware made in the Yamanaka Onsen district of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. While inheriting Japanese traditional lacquerware, we also explore the production of modern synthetic lacquerware with urethane coating on the plastic base. In addition to the ease of maintenance, it is gaining popularity for its high functionality such as a wide variety of shapes and colors and antibacterial specifications.

Size Height 8cm/Width 15cm/Depth 7.6cm/Capacity (upper 275ml, lower 275ml)
Material Lid/Upper/Lower: PET/ABS resin
Middle pig: Polyethylene
Packing: Silicone rubber
Surface coating: Urethane coating
Body inside: Inorganic antibacterial agent
Belt: Rayon, polyester, natural rubber
Made in Japan
Handling indication Dishwasher 〇 (middle lid ×), microwave oven 〇 (lid, middle lid ×), oven ×
Product Precautions Heat-resistant temperature / (lid, upper, lower, packing) 140 ° C, (middle lid) 70 ° C
Cold resistant temperature/-20℃
Water may leak because it is not an airtight container.
The pattern may vary from piece to piece.