100% UV Cut Bamboo Parasol / Umbrella 55cm

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Color: Black
A strong ally that cuts UV and glare to reduce UV damage. Uses Class 1 light shielding fabric with a light shielding rate of 100% according to JIS standard fabric measurements, it has excellent light shielding, UV shielding, and heat shielding effects.

・100% blackout
・Water-repellent finish for both rain and shine
・Black coating on the inside of the umbrella for absorbing glare
・More than 99.9% UV protection (uses grade 1 light shielding fabric)
・Strong against wind due to the use of glass fiber ribs
・The 55cm large size folding guard is one size larger and for easy fitting.

* The slide opening and closing type is prone to overturning for the first time due to its structural characteristics.
Open slowly at an upward angle.

Outer rib length about 55cm
Total length when folded: about 33cm
Total length when open: about 64cm
Diameter about 95cm
Weight about 250g
*There are individual differences in weight depending on the color and handle (natural material).

Fabric: 100% polyester, first-class light shielding
Bone black glass fiber

【country of origin】
Color: Black