Marbled Melamine Pen Stand

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Color: Black

■ Features
・Tasteful expression with individual differences in density and pattern
・Available in calm colors that blend in with any interior
・Simple shape, useful for organizing desk accessories

■ Application example
・Pen stand
・Cutlery stand
・Makeup brush stand
・Toothbrush stand
・Plant pots

・This product is not intended as food container. Please do not use it as a cup.
・There are individual differences in the size and shade of the marble pattern. In rare cases, there may be some white color unevenness, but this does not affect the quality of the product. Please note that this is different from a defective product before purchasing.
- Avoid direct sunlight and do not place near fire as it may deform.

■ size
Diameter 8.2cm x Height 9cm

Color: Black