PARROT CANVAS for AVIREX 2 in 1 Tote Bag

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Color: Olive


●AVIREX's classic duck camo pattern has been adopted for the handle and bottom fabric.
●Heavy 100% cotton No. 4 canvas (24 ounce canvas material) that inherits the history of PARROT CANVAS.
●No. 11 distribution for the in-back drawstring. The material is extremely thick, durable and tough enough to stand on its own.
●It is small but has a gusset and depth that can hold a lot of things.

Bespoke tote bag available only at AVIREX.
A highly practical size that fits A4 size.
The drawstring bag inside can be removed and used separately.
This item can be used in a wide range of situations, such as commuting to work or school, or going out on holidays.

PARROTT CANVAS was founded in Greenville, North Carolina, USA in 1982 by Mickey Parrott as a manufacturer of canvas. With the desire to make sturdy canvas, as a result of continuing research without sparing any effort, it was successfully adopted for yacht sails and other marine goods. Eventually, we started producing tote bags at the request of famous brands, and we began to receive a high reputation as a bag manufacturer in the United States. 

[AVIREX Belle]
A line that projects the functionality and design of authentic military wear into women's casual wear.
Intelligent, free, curious, dignified and lively as a unique and contemporary women's brand.

Length x Height x Width x Handle Length 36x25.5x11x33.5cm


Color: Olive